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View Diary: Obama's DHS choice will harm U.S. workers (139 comments)

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  •  Because that's not what the O1 is for. Read (0+ / 0-)

    the regulations.

    You assert that jobs are scarce so that we do not need H1B visas. Unlike many Americans H1B visa holders are not tied to any particular geographical location so they can locate or relocate easier than a USC. Additionally, the H1B program is for any "specialty occupation" which means any job that requires a specific course of study which results in at least a bachelor's degree.

    Show me the study that says that jobs are scarce in every field that requires at least a bachelor's degree in a specific area.

    Man. Some "progressives" make Archie Bunker look like Tim Wise.

    by JayGR on Mon Nov 24, 2008 at 07:57:28 AM PST

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