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View Diary: The Pledge, under the Constitution, not God (w/update) (45 comments)

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    ...because, like you, I am not a Christian and I simply find it offensive, but also because I didn't learn it with the "under God" phrase. I said the pledge every single school day for six years of grade school--all without the "under God" phrase. Once I got to junior/senior high, the phrase had been put in, but I don't remember having to say the pledge in those years--except in special assemblies, etc.--and I just left it out. Not long ago, I was a guest lecturer in a hs classroom and was interrupted by the PA system announcing we would all say the Pledge of Allegiance. I wish I could have turned around to see if anyone else had left it out--but I doubt they did. Well trained, they are. Probably a good thing my back was to the entire class--they wouldn't have understood...

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