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View Diary: The Pledge, under the Constitution, not God (w/update) (45 comments)

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    Years ago I read an op-ed from a Seventh Day Adventist pastor. His position on separation of Church and State was qutie interesting and to me quite surprising. I've thought a lot about it over the years.  Basic thrust of his argument was that even amongst Christian religions, the beliefs are different. To which "Christian" denominatoin are we referring, when the US is referenced as a "Christian" nation? His argument was that the "State" should never be involved in "Church" and surprisingly, that "Church" should stay out of the "State". A view I agree with - but did not expect to see being advanced by a pastor. (In Florida most - not all, but most - pastors are very much involved in "State".)

    After twelve years in a Catholic school, I abhor organized religion.  Believe that no one has a lock on the "truth" and that religion is personal not national.

    Really appreciate the thought and sentiment of the diarist.  

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      that is, keeping politics out of the church was what the founding fathers intended. They thought politics would corrupt their religion. It is still true today. Preachers telling their congregations how to vote. The founders would roll over in their graves.

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