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    My understanding it that due to the geology it is surpassingly difficult to seal the supply and injection wells.  

    There was some issue back when one of the supply wells was drilled that caused a fairly significant unplanned release and that has colored pretty much all public discussion of PGV ever since.

    Could be that there are significant issues peculiar to that one particular area or, more likely I would guess, to faulty drilling.

    The famed Blue Lagoon in Iceland:


    was not planned but worked out rather well.

    In Indonesia some wildcat drilling apparently for oil or gas (I had seen reports that it was meant for mining geothermal heat but God only knows what the idiots intended) didn't work so well:


    At least a dozen villages were drowned by a mud volcano that seems to have been initiated by careless drilling.  Some efforts to plug the monster took on comic dimensions were the disaster not so tragic (large steel balls were dropped down the throat of the volcano to attempt to stanch the eruption, some talked about bottling the vast flow of mud for baths and facials).

    Always risk as well as opportunity when you are working on the frontiers of science and technology.

    Redevelopment of one abandoned site in  The Geysers field has led to problems:

    The two-and-a-half-hour meeting, held at Cobb's Little Red Schoolhouse, brought a representative from Bottle Rock Power Plant face-to-face with nearly three dozen annoyed neighbors, who said they've been putting up with noise, speeding trucks, accumulated garbage, impacted water wells and other environmental issues for years, well before the plant reopened in March of 2007.

    That is nothing compared to the more fundamental threat of geothermal development to Visayans in the Philippines:

    "The Visayans would naturally be mesmerized dreaming of having around more ‘RORO’ boats, fast crafts, modern ports and airports, linking bridges and mega malls, blondes, tourists in topless suits...

    Best,  Terry

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