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View Diary: The Choice to Clean Up the Bush Mess at Interior (164 comments)

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    Great overview.  While I know that there are a few tools to negate the 11th hour savaging of our resources, I haven't followed very closely to some of the issues.

    For instance, uranium mining -- while there may be a lease that has been sold, there still remains the matter of licensing.  I believe NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) controls those and the Adminstrator of that commission is a critical choice.  The former Admin, who passed away from cancer several months ago, seemed a steady hand who was not influenced by BushCo.

    Offshore drilling leases right now would be an incredibly stupid buy judging from the plummeting oil prices and the intent of the Obama Administration to further wean us from oil.

    My cousin used to work for Fish & Wildlife in Montana.  She was layed off because her findings were too scientific.  I hope she is re-applying.

    So much damage has been done that 8 years forward will only lay the groundwork for repair.

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