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View Diary: Dear DKos LGBT Community. Please help me. (79 comments)

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    It doesn't suck.  You're not unlucky or pitiable.

    You are both on a wonderful journey.  

    Let life happen, be honest and respect your lover by declaring your love unconditional and find joy in his journey.  Allow him to find joy in yours.  

    It is OK for you to do what feels right to you; more than OK, it is a necessity.
    If you care how outsiders judge you, determine within your heart to ensure that judgment is envy of your happiness and delight.

    The journey is sloppy - it moves in fits and starts.
    Real boats rock.  Avoid the pits of presuming things 'must' fit any particular idea of perfection or that you are defined by others.  

    Let go. Don't fret over the destination.

    (-8.12 -7.54) Belief in absolutes is the laziest of delusions.

    by FeastOr on Mon Nov 24, 2008 at 11:04:52 PM PST

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