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  •  Protesting LDS churches is quite productive. (5+ / 0-)
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    1. The LDS church is going to hate it and therefore be less likely to oppose us next time around.
    1. Other people and groups are going to see what happens to the LDS church and think twice before opposing us next time around.
    1. People are going to realize (correctly) that Prop 8 was mostly a Mormon thing, which will make them less likely to support it next time, and will also make the media better at figuring out that the group of anti-gay people at a particular rally are, in fact, mostly Mormon, thus exposing that sham.
    1. The LDS church loses credibility and becomes stained with the reputation of bigotry, as it so richly deserves, and it will therefore have less political capital the next time it tries to abuse an innocent minority for no reason other than the edicts of it's loony beliefs.

    It has to be done carefully, but it should be done. The LDS protest in New York a week after election day was a good example of how to do it: the giant banner in front of the crowd said "GOD LOVES GAY MARRIAGE," which made it clear that the beef was not with religion but with BAD religion.

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