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View Diary: Anti-Prop 8 backlash changes minds (419 comments)

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  •  Good news but... (2+ / 0-)

    public opinion should not matter when it comes to a group of peoples civil rights. For the sake of a progessive society I am glad to see some minds change though.

    The prop 8 battle is one that should be decided in the supreme court or maybe even the legislature. The decision should comply with CA's tradition of equality irrespective of gender and religion. Even if some prop 8 measure could make it to the 2010 ballet and win in favor of SSM, I would still prefer for equality to come by way of the courts or the legislature. The thought of people voteing on the civil rights of another person is dangerous, and I think proposterous. Think how outrageous it would be to suggest we have a vote on womens right to vote, or on racial civil rights. Totally outrageous, and IMO offensive that a civil rights measures would sit on a ballet next to some budget revision or chicken cage size measure.  

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