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View Diary: U.S. worker can be replaced in favor of H1-B foreign worker (205 comments)

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    can be described in two words. "Body shop"

    Hardly. What started as three guys in a warehouse space has grown into a 200-employee organization worth several hundred million dollars. The highest turnover is in the sales force, not the IT area. I've lived the 'body shop' where people are treated like meat on a hook, and this is most certainly not that.

    If you publicly post a job position with salary as x, and state in the course of phone screen the salary as x, and the candidate asks for x+y, the employer has three choices: find the money to pay the counter-offer, make a counter-counter-offer or decline. You can't get blood from a stone.

    Job offers are a negotiation, not a contract. If one party demands something the other party is unwilling or unable to deliver, the parties either reach a compromise or negotiations conclude.

    If your lawyer says, it will cost you $500 to file this suit, what do you believe he or she would say if you responded with, I only want to pay you $350? Does your lawyer have to accept your offer? I doubt the "video" describes that scenario.

    That firm had no interest in hiring the U.S. worker at all. Who are they? I challenge you to state their name if you feel they are not.

    Your intent is obviously to cause trouble on a topic you appear to know little about, rather than solve a problem or add to the conversation. Such a challenge is not worth the trouble it would likely cause to folks not included in this thread. However, if you wish to pursue this further, feel free to email me - my contact info is in my profile.

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