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View Diary: Bite This, Sarah - Alaskans For Truth Form a PAC (28 comments)

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  •  We're concentrating on the legislature (33+ / 0-)

    Others are investigating the house.

    The Alaska Democrats in the legislature need some help finding their focus on this.

    •  There are doing a wonderful job. I'm sure they (7+ / 0-)

      will get things moving.  Not everyone up there has the same educational qualifications as Sarah Palin.  I couldn't believe she won debates.  I'm beginning to think there is some secret indoctrination class for republicans.  Maybe it's too much FOX watching and Rush on radio?

    •  Thanks for your work! It's exciting to (9+ / 0-)

      hear about progressive movement in even the reddest of states.   I hope the legacy of Palin's v-p candidacy is that the movement against her in Alaska will mean stronger organization and recruitment there for Democrats.    I like what I'm hearing so far, thank you!

    •  Good to hear -- the house investigation should (7+ / 0-)

      not be dropped. The wrong doing there be very similar to the felonies committed by Ted Stevens, and much worse than the ethics violation involved with the Monegan firing.

      And not just the materials, but from the various reports, the labor, too.

      "But there is so much more to do." - Barack Obama, Nov. 4, 2008

      by flitedocnm on Tue Nov 25, 2008 at 12:01:25 AM PST

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      •  Email-gate (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Lauren S

        The Wassilla Project website has provided a very interesting and honest insight into Palin’s violation of federal information using her personal email account.  Any sane individual who has worked in state or federal level is briefed on ethical procedures and behavior at the beginning of their career, and once every year after.  Surely Palin knew her actions were unethical, so why did she proceed to communicate concerning state business using her personal account?  For those of you who feel no one is above the law visit the Wassilla Project site.  There you will see a video and hear from residents of Palin’s hometown speaking up as all Americans do when things don’t seem right.   One of them is Anne Kilkenny.  If you recall, months ago a personal but honest and through provoking email by Anne Kilkenny, a local resident of Wassilla, was disseminated on the internet by the recipient.  At first read anyone could tell Anne’s insight was no exaggeration.  Anyone who has a knack for false and truth knew she was the real thing; a valid connection as to what makes Sarah tick.  We must keep this story alive to prevent other politicians from thinking they are excluded from the rules and regulations all employees must follow.  Please visit the Wassilla Project website at:

        Sarah Palin: The email scandal

        One thing for certain, there are a lot of smart and honorable people up in Alaska who deserved a qualified Governor.  Hopefully next time they’ll vote for someone who has their best interest at heart instead of attempting to blind their eyes and minds with oil tax rebates.

    •  Do you have a list of the legislators (4+ / 0-)
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      snakelass, jimstaro, Lauren S, ardyess

      and their e-mail addresses so we can make contact and keep the heat on them to investigate these allegations?
      Palin is still a future threat to us non-Alaskans so we SHOULD have a say in this too.
      The timing is bad right now with the holidays and the economy, but we should also think about setting up a place to donate to the [Alaskans For Truth] PAC in this forum.
      I don't understand why the right-wing whackos felt the need to spend 50 million (I believe) on a national ad thanking "Slaughterhouse Sarah." Have they never heard of a thank-you note? I'm pretty sure they get mail delivery in Alaska.
      That money could have gone to feed and clothe the poor in these troubled times. And they call themselves Christians!
      I do agree with their PAC ad message though: Americans DO deserve better...which is why we sent Palin's sorry butt packing and elected Barack Obama.  

      "Civilization should have a few gentle hobbies" - line from Camelot

      by forever blue on Tue Nov 25, 2008 at 01:34:40 AM PST

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