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  •  We throw away 1/3 of our food.... (5+ / 0-)

    The last statistic I saw is that we Americans throw away 1/3 of the food we buy, both individually and institutionally.  That is truly pathetic.  For the institutions - restaurants, business cafeterias, etc. - it's often a health regulation issue.  But for we ordinary citizens, it's bad budgeting, bad food prep and storage, and sometimes just a stubborn refusal to eat leftovers.

    Here at Casa Crissie, we try not to throw away any food.  Vegetable peelings get sorted and frozen for use in stock, as to meat bones and other such.  I try to cook and serve by portions, because Herself and Springoff the Fifth are vegetarians while the rest of us (especially Springoff the Fourth) are omnivores.  So that means a vegetarian entree along with a meat entree at most meals, and surprisingly it's easier to estimate portions that way.  We try to eat leftovers the next day for lunch, and once a week or so it'll be "grazing day" where I announce that I'm not cooking and leftovers need to be eaten before they turn into back-of-the-fridge "science projects."

    Doing all of that has cut our grocery bill by about half, but I think of it as leaving more food at the grocery for other people.

    •  Let me add: there are stupid rules out there (2+ / 0-)
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      NCrissieB, Kula2316

      that waste even more food. I was in yesterday to my local butcher/locker, picking up the end product of the naturally-raised, pastured hog I bought from a friend.

      Curious--because I still had some left-over pork in my freezer from the previous pig (this new piggie came to market too soon) and was thinking I'd see if the Soup Kitchen in a nearby city wanted it--I asked my friend the Butcher if he ever donates his surplus.  

      He looked a little peeved. "We used to take lots of good meat to the Gospel Mission.  But regulations were changed in the state, and now just because we're not an FDA-inspected processor (which means little when one is dealing with a neighborhood butcher who knows his customers, processes specific animals indivicually, ONE at a time. His food is far cleaner and safer, and the animals are treated far more humanely, than ANY big processor in the region.  Trust me! I've read the articles and seen the exposes. Yuck.)...Well, we can't give our food away. See that label, 'not for resale'?  For some reason, we can't GIVE meat away any more, either."

       What stupidity. His food is safe for his customers to eat.  We all trust him to prepare vast quantities of beef, pork, chicken, for our individual freezers, and yet the man can NOT give food to the hungry.

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