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  •  Excellent analysis. (3+ / 0-)

    We need a better social safety net in the U.S.  It is or should be our national shame that 12% of Americans live in dire poverty (homeless and/or malnourished).  In most European countries, that number is 3-4%.  The Europeans very wisely recognized that it's both more humane and less costly to keep people out of dire poverty, than to rescue them once they fall into dire poverty.

    But that said, I agree with your analysis on working and money.  I think if more people thought of it as "contributing my part to our country/world," rather than "working," we might have a better attitude about working ... and about those who work.

    That last part is one that really bugs me.  We have lost all respect for people who work, who contribute labor rather than capital to the system.  I even see that here at DKos when some sneer about working class people ("low-information voters," etc.).  What I'm most pleased with about Obama's economic plans is that he wants to create jobs for the "toolbelt class" ... people who don't sit at a keyboard or a fancy desk ... people who strap on a toolbelt and make real stuff.  We need to respect the "toolbelt class" a whole lot more, and the "genius and guru class" a whole lot less.

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