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View Diary: Total votes at 130.6 million, Obama at 68.95M - Updated x2 (208 comments)

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    Thanks so much for the Ohio numbers.  I was waiting for the numbers to come in to show that Barack got more votes this year than Bush got in 2004 (which was 2,859,768).  And they are still not done counting -- Barack could easily top 2.9 million and probably will.

    Shortly after the election, I heard Chuck Todd saying that the Kerry people were pooh poohing the fact that Barack got fewer votes in Ohio this year than Kerry got  in O4.  

    I knew at the time it was crap -- how can you compare final numbers from 2004 to preliminary numbers in 2008?  Chuck should have known better than to let himself be used like that.  Usually he is pretty good with numbers, but on that one he got spun like a top.

    And to add the icing to the cake, McCain got over 100,000 fewer votes than Kerry did in 2004.

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