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    The Big 3 didn't "[destroy] our air with gross poluting big SUV's". Toyota makes big SUVs and big trucks, too -- they just didn't make them as well, so they sold fewer of them. And it's a game Toyota and Nissan desperately want in on -- look at their latest entries, in the Tundra, Sequoia, Armada, Titan. Those babies are not fuel sippers. Keep that in mind when you bash the Big 3.

    And by comparison, Ford's vehicles are all amazingly clean of smog-forming pollution: The Ford Taurus has the same pollution score as the Toyota Yaris -- despite being twice as big, twice as roomy, and twice as powerful as Toyota's tiny entry. The Ford Explorer actually has a BETTER pollution score than the Toyota Yaris!

    Flex Fuels are ENTIRELY the domain of domestic manufacturers, so I can't imagine HOW you bring them into a this argument. Ford even created a 3-way flex fuel engine that could run on gas, ethanol, or hydrogen. They have hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in active service, ready for that route if we take it. And they have fleets of plug-in hybrids being tested.

    The Ford Fusion Hybrid which will be available in 3 months gets 5mpg better than the Camry Hybrid!

    Consumer Reports has said that every Ford vehicle is at or above average in reliability, and that if you were to compare only their cars, they would match Toyota and Honda in reliability.

    Plus, Ford leads the fuel economy race in many segments, and is in the running in many more. The new Fusion will lead the midsized sedan segment, the Ranger has the best small truck mileage, the F-150 has the best large truck mileage, the Escape hybrid does better than the Highlander hybrid, the Focus ties a number of other compacts at 35mpg -- the Focus gets the same highway mileage as the Yaris or the Fit! They've published a commitment that every redesigned vehicle will lead its class in fuel economy, and at least with the Fusion, they've kept that promise.

    And in about a year and a half, Ford's going to have a wide variety of their European small cars for sale in the US.

    At least with Ford, they've been showing their plan for years. They don't need to change direction.

    I have no idea what plans GM or Chrysler have, I don't follow them.

    Those who ignore the future are condemned to repeat it.

    by enigmamf on Wed Nov 26, 2008 at 05:52:55 PM PST

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