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View Diary: Total votes at 130.6 million, Obama at 68.95M - Updated x2 (208 comments)

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  •  What Is Your Take on the "Stolen" Votes? (0+ / 0-)

    Do your numbers show that there was a substantial increase in the number of voters this time over last presidential election? With all the new voters signing up and the huge interest, we should have seen a substantial increase in the numbers of votes cast. But I'm hearing reports that it went up a very modest amount, maybe a percent or two. That doesn't seem possible.

    I've heard reports (notably on Richard Greene's Clout on Air America) that there are perhaps 9 million provisional ballots that are not being counted, and that this represents perhaps a sizable additional total that actually voted for Obama and is not being counted.

    Should I believe that the Republicans stole millions of votes in this election and that it was only that Obama had such overwhelming numbers come out for him that he even got the narrow majority reported?

    •  I'm not sure there are many "missing" votes (0+ / 0-)

      Although WV is really strange. I'm showing a decrease of 4%, which is odd since it had early voting and some ground operation from Obama. The only other states with decreases in turnout are:

      Maine - .35%
      NY - 2.73% (but this will likely change when NYC reports)
      OH - 0.06% (again, all the votes aren't counted, but I would have expected at least a 3-5% increase given the ground game and attention it had paid to it. Cuyahoga showing a 1% decrease is REALLY odd.)
      OK - 0.07%. Again, not sure if final.
      SD - 1.07% (not sure if final)
      WI - 0.33% (not sure if final)

      Overall, my math shows an increase of more than 7%, or more than 8.5 million votes, with some left to be counted. Not bad in my opinion.

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