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View Diary: [Updated] GIVE HIM A CHANCE!!! President Obama of USA = President Obama of Harvard Law Review! (241 comments)

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  •  There are some people who voted for Obama (3+ / 0-)
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    despite knowing this about Obama and not liking it from the very beginning.  Just saying.

    The "what did you expect?" line doesn't work on me.  I expected this and didn't want it.  And I still don't like it.  There are no doubt many Obama voters who voted for him because the alternative was so much worse.

    Now that the election is over, we can dispense with (in the words of Tom Tomorrow, altered only a little bit) Barack Obama is just and wise.  

    We are not Republicans.  It should be the role of the liberal blogosphere to be adversarial -- at least, a little bit.

    Obama is a politician above all.  That doesn't make him a bad or an evil man.  He takes positions (such as his stance on marriage equality) that are in direct contravention to precedent such as Loving V. Virginia.  Politicians sometimes take stupid positions, even ones that their own experience and knowledge ought to tell them are wrongheaded and even discriminatory.

    And "bringing people together" is not in and of itself a necessary or laudable goal.  It might be -- but it depends on the kind of people you bring together and what their goals are.  

    It is fair for the Obama team and Obama's supporters to ask for a little leeway.  But, really, only a little.  We are again not Republicans and a fair argument can be made that blind lockstep support is a big part of the reason Republicans are the way they are.

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