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View Diary: (UNRec This) We Can Question AND We Can Give Him A Chance (180 comments)

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  •  HEAR! HEAR! (5+ / 0-)

    Man--it's been nearly impossible to differentiate us from Redstate in the intellect department, lately.

    The man clearly has a plan for where he wants this country to go.  He is in charge and he's hiring exceptionally smart people to effectuate the plan.  If everyone has to pass some sort of litmus test re: their historical ties to progressive causes, we will be deeply in the soup.  How many w/ strong progressive roots have the necessary experience to govern?  Maybe Obama should spend his 8 years trying to get freshman people up to speed on the bureaucracy
    and who are the real movers and shakers and leave the implemantation of the plans to the next administration?

    If we have serious concerns once he's actually implemented a plan, speak up.  Until then, please, relax.

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