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    Re: Alberto Mora - Jane Mayer's New Yorker article, The Memo, is pretty much the must read,
    He was the top civilian lawyer for the Navy and when Navy linked investigative units found out what was going on at GITMO (Brant could also be added to the list for that matter) they went to Mora and he pretty much went to war with both Yoo and Haynes, including pretty in your face confrontations.  He fought and fought and was so successful in his arguments and so unafraid that they pretty much went into hiding from him and made sure he was cut out of the loop for any information on what they were doing afterwards - all while telling him lies about the fact that they were changing policies.  Despite the way the deck was stacked against him, at one of his last meetings, one which involved all the military's top lawyers and representatives, where the consensus of the meeting was to go back to the Geneva Conventions (this was blocked by just two people, Cambone and Haynes), Mora had the guts to stand up and read them the war crimes act and tell them it didn't matter how they tried to posture it, the war crimes act applied where it applied and they couldn't hide from it.

    Taguba was the man given the thankless job of issuing the Abu Ghraib Report.  Again, you can find out more about him in a New Yorker article, this on by Sy Hersh:
    He was pretty much shunned for telling the truth, but has been braver than any of those who shunned him, and he has also been tough enough to call repeatedly for the investigation to go where it really needed to go - into an investigation, not of military police units and what they did (which is what they forced him to limit his report to) but rather to Military Intelligence units and personnel and what they did and on whose orders.  

    Dan Coleman, an ex-FBI agent, is one of the few who had lots of knowledge and involvement in the al-Qaeda issues, but who stood firm against torture.  Almost every resource includes references to him - Mayer, Suskind, Wright's Looming Towers.  He tried keep us safe and stay true to who we are, and he over and over called BS (as only an insider can - and often without grabbing for anonymity as a source) on claims of the great intel that the torture supposedly elicited.  

    There are others - for example, another ex-FBI, Cloonan, but you have a good list.  

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