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    The Hillary comment.  Mind you I have been accused of being a Hillary hater during the primary.  Hillary represents/represented the State of New York there is almost no possible way she could have voted against the war resolution besides the fact that the Congress was getting snowed just like the public.  Its funny we overlook the fact that she voted against FISA and never got credit for it while Obama voted FOR FISA and we gave him a pass.  If you go off of Hillary's record there is no doubt she is a liberal and she has fought hard to end the Iraq war.  She didn't commit to a time line but she also didn't mince words about the need for the U.S. to get out of Iraq.  Its time to let that fight go and put our energies into opposing the really shitty people in Congress like one of our own Ben Nelson or John Boehner, Tom Coburn, Mitch McConnell and most importantly at this moment Saxby Chambliss.  As you said we can do the hindsight thing on Hillary AFTER she actually makes some moves as SOS and no one will be more critical than I if she steps out of line.

    HRC on Iraq

    Withdraw one to two brigades in Iraq each month

    Q: Obama says he wants all combat troops out within 16 months of his inauguration. You haven't offered a specific end date. Why shouldn't voters worry that your position could turn into an open-ended commitment?
    A: Because I've been very clear in saying that I will begin to withdraw troops in 60 days. I believe that it will take me one to two brigades a month, depending on how many troops we have there, and that nearly all of them should be out within a year. It is imperative, though, that we actually plan and execute this right. Last spring, I got into quite a back-and-forth with the Pentagon, because I was concerned they were not planning for withdrawal, because that was contrary to their strategy, or their stated position. I began to press them to let us know, and they were very resistant, and gave only cursory information. I will ask the Joint Chiefs & my security advisers the very first day I'm president, to begin to draw up such a plan so that we can withdraw.

    Source: 2008 Democratic debate in Los Angeles before Super Tuesday Jan 31, 2008

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