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View Diary: Obama: Hire These Heroes from the Bush Era (Update x 5) (276 comments)

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    I have a small problem with this:

    As we prepare to give thanks -- and as Obama continues to fill at least the higher and more public level of administration positions with with a disproportionate number of Clinton-Bush center-right retreads, including many who were latecomers (if at all) to his campaign, and too few who could be called progressives -- it is useful to remember some true American Heroes.

    I'm wondering what the transition team and cabinet picks would look like if John McCain had been elected.

    Retreads? Everyone that is someone is pretty much gobsmacked by the quality of brain power that Obama is bringing to the table. Obama said yesterday in response to this question that he provides the direction, "vision" as he put it, that that was his job. What I want to do is give thanks today that he is our leader. It could be much worse (McCain).

    Obama said that considering the current economic crisis, this is no time to be looking around for rookies to fill positions. As a matter of fact, there aren't many experienced Democrats around who weren't part of the Clinton administration.

    Rec list... obligatory thanks. I wish my brilliant health diaries would do as well :).

    This diary is a little similar to a diary I did way back on those pundits, politicians and others who got Iraq right (and for the right reasons) ahead of time..

    Pimping your own stuff.

    This diary showpieces a cut-and-paste list with only one or two paragraphs of actual opinion.

    •  with regard to (0+ / 0-)

      your 1st cent, the substantive part, regarding what if McCain, limited number number of experienced folks, etc. I will stick with my answers in the update section #3 and #5.

      With regard to your 2nd cent, the personal stuff... I make it very clear which is mine and which is Turse's and I repeatedly put in the links to the original, and urge people to go there. His last update  was published over two years ago and he said there is no update planned, yet the issue is especially timely. I have actually emailed him and tomdispatch to alert them to this diary. also this diary has compiled additional names of heroes not on Turses 2-3 year old series. given my monitoring and f/u in comments and updates at top, of the diary it has been far more then a a quickie cut-paste.  Gee, I referred to a old diary on a related subject, and to my other dieary series on a major policy issue, in my own diary. the horror.

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