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  •  Over and over (9+ / 0-)

    again I keep hearing "we need to get back to basics of Reagan which means smaller government and pro-life policies". But hasn't this been what they have been doing?

    Here's my take. I was pro-Bush after 911. And was for a long time. But presure from my wife and a crash course in Israel/Mideast politics and I abruptly changed on everything. I'm pretty uninformed. I was anyway. I had no idea how fucked up our Mideast policy was. But everyone knows now. The cats out of the bag. And when Americans were promised revenge for 911 they were given massive debts and freebies for countries that create terrorist. And like Kos says, their ideas suck. And now more than ever they cannot stand the light of day.

    There's only one thing that cab save the Republican party and that's a terror attack and more assistance from the Democrats.

    O'REILLY: "the FOX News the most unfair channel and is always trying to get the Republicans elected."

    by plok on Fri Nov 28, 2008 at 03:34:12 PM PST

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