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    West Virginia, Tennesee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Alabama as well.  And they AREN'T moving to Alaska, so good luck rooting them out of their home hills.

    You'd be surprised how well they'd manage without you.  Yeah, life expectancy would go down to third-world norms, no question about that -- between the lack of doctors and the firearms accidents, few men would make it past sixty.  But they already have some of the worst life expectancies in the country anyway.  They'd eat just fine, they'd reproduce -- oh, lawdie, they'd reproduce, that's already why you have so many Redneckistani expats in urban areas all over -- about the only difference you'd notice from right now is that federal elections would tend to move more liberal, more quickly, and the tolls going across the Blue Ridge between the East Coast and the Midwest would triple.  As would the cost of gas in that leg of the trip.  So non-natives might find it economical to drive five hundred miles out of the way, to take the passes in the Alleghenies, rather than the shorter route through Charleston and Beckley or East Mountain Gap.

    Hunting, fishing, growing small cash crops we won't mention and charging tolls at gunpoint are not affected by one's belief in evolution or lack thereof.


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