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    Again, Arielle, it was a joke.  We all know no states are going to be seceding.  And yes, there are morons and bigots and bible-thumpers everywhere.  But if you're really going to tell me that the Deep South, on average, does not have more evangelical-, bible-thumping-, science-hating-types, then I think you know you're simply denying reality.  You did notice which region of the country McCain performed best in, right?    

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      But click on the popular vote on Markos' map from the front page and look at the reddest red versus the pink.

      What you see there is a map that is trying desperately to turn purple.  "No red states, no blue states", to paraphrase, may just take on a new meaning in the political landscape of our party system of government.

      I apologize for reacting the way I did but I get so sick of the regularly reoccurring South bashing that goes on here.
      This is a place I love, grew up in, have a family history that includes Baptist crackers who spied for the Union Army and the original Jewish Reformers who fought for and wrote glowingly about the Confederacy.

      The tapestry of American history is woven into the souls of its people in unique ways.

      I feel that when we joke about such things it serves to reinforce a stereotype rather than recognize the stir of change in the air that we must all actively encourage.

      This election had California defeating (temporarily) gay marriage right along with Arkansas (not Deep South but still Southern) and Florida.

      It also had the passage of limits on abortion in California, Nebraska ending Affirmative Action along with Colorado who also declared that human life begins at conception.

      You want to know why NASCAR is so popular in so many places?  Because you can bring in your own cooler of beer and smoke in the stands.

      Sometimes things are really are that simple.  :o)

      But so many posters here have said the liberals in the South should move or that we should secede or that we're "backward" and on and on and on and it has gotten so old that it's hard to tell anymore when someone is joking or not.

      Every time Obama speaks, an angel has an orgasm. - The Daily Show Aug. 28, 2008

      by arielle on Fri Nov 28, 2008 at 07:32:55 AM PST

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        And you make good points.  I too was born in the South, and I know that it can get tiresome seeing people make endless jokes about someone/someplace/something you care about.  I'm sorry if I offended.  I get annoyed with people always talking about how rude/crazy/arrogant NYers are (I moved out of the South as a boy and have lived here for about 20 years now), so I know what you mean.

        Anyway I should have been more clear that I was  joking.  My comment probably read a little nasty. Here's to turning the South blue!  Cheers.

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