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  •  Liberals have won when Conservatives were united (1+ / 0-)
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    The most recent examples were during the Trudeau era. They've had their share of majority governments, even running against both the NDP and Conservatives.

    However, there are differences today. The Greens take up to 10% of the vote. The PQ takes at least 1/2 of the Quebec seats, which were classically a Liberal stronghold - if I'm remembering right, between the Duplessis era up to Brian Baloney (Mulroney). There's more, I hope to get Laurier on my reading list someday. But those are digressions.

    With the Greens, left of center votes are now split three ways - four ways if you count the PQ as a sort of (John C.) Calhoun-like left of center force.

    To me, it seems philosophically more likely that Liberals and Greens would get together - Dion did stake his party last election on a cross of carbon (tax). (intentional allusion to William Jennings Bryan). However, it would take Liberal candidates willing to step aside - and explicitly support Green candidacies in specific ridings.

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