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  •  What is most needed is Pro-Rep (5+ / 0-)
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    eugene, pleochroic, galaxy33, csquared, samalex

    Proportional representation like they have in the Scandinavian countries, Germany and New Zealand to name a few. For example the Bloc Quebecois and the Green got about the same amount of the popular vote.(about 8-9% each) That translates in the current system to 49 seats (about 16%) in the House of Commons
    for the Bloc and zero seats for the Greens.
    That's not democracy and people stay home as a result, the last election had the lowest turnout ever.

    •  yes, exactly (0+ / 0-)

      proportional representation is a heck of a lot more democratic than the US's two-party system.

      i've lived under coalition government half of my life, and i much preferred it, even though it made for less stability -- i've always felt more represented than i do in systems where winner takes it all.  minority governments can be ok, but i've not liked harper's; he does not listen enough to the opposition parties.

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