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  •  This is the dichotomy of the US mind (0+ / 0-)

    On one hand the majority of Americans believe that there is a Higher Power who has created a Higher Law for people to follow. At the same time, they reject a natural Higher Law that exists because its tenets are the essence of what it is to be human (and humane)
    So while there is a lot of talk about morality and a higher law (abortion, gay marriage etc), we do not believe that an international law exists to which we are liable, making us sort of national pirates in some people's eyes.

    I witnessed this dichotomy with Glen Beck on Christian News Channel when he was discussing his faith and sins and the general platitudes you would expect. However on the other networks he has advocated all sorts of horrendous policies, almost making him the Lord Haw Haw or Toyko Rose for the US.

    It seems to me that either one accepts there is a Higher Law and accedes to it or not. The source of any such law is irrelevant.    

    •  Nice point (0+ / 0-)

      Americans are schizophrenic by nature.

      Personally, I have a lot of fun beating up rightards using "natural law" and an almost Colbert-ish persona. A defense of Roe using this principle always results in temper tantrums. :)

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