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View Diary: Interrogator who Located Zarqawi Rips U.S. Torture Policy (224 comments)

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  •  I hate the "it doesn't work" meme (0+ / 0-)

    I mean, what if it did work, would that make it OK then?  It's an irrelevant statement.  

    •  If your primary goal is for Americans to (1+ / 0-)
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      face the moral issue of torture and make the right choice, then saying it doesn't work is irrelevant, or serves to blur the issue.  

      If your primary goal is more basic -- to stop torture -- then the statement is very relevant.

      I believe torture is unethical even if it works. But my primary goal isn't to prove that point -- it is to stop torture.

      Some people support torture willingly, even eagerly, because it provides a channel for their rage or because they have no empathy or whatever.  But other people condone torture reluctantly, uneasily, because they've been told that it's an ugly bargain we have to accept -- because otherwise many more innocent people will die. They've been told that the only choices are to protect a few terrorists from suffering OR to protect many innocent people from suffering and death. Informing people that in fact torture does not, on balance, protect more people is extremely relevant. It makes clear that torture is not the lesser of two evils.  It's a blind and stupid policy, as well as an unprincipled one, and has been put in place by people who blindly think applying more force will solve all problems.

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