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    Oh, I think it's impossible to say anything particularly meaningful about independents as a group, except that they don't vote the party line. They are, almost by definition, a diverse lot.

    I live in a very left-leaning county; until the recent exodus from the Republican Party, most of the independents I knew were far left of Democrats. A lot of independents don't feel that their views fit anywhere on the thin red-purple-blue line. A lot of them don't like to be defined by a label, and given the three choices, would probably pick the least defining label of the three. Younger voters, who are I believe, more likely to be independent than older voters, tend to confuse "moderate" with "non-polarized"... they have never known anything but very "immoderate" partisan politics. More a statement of political style than position.

    I would be interested to see the figures if 'None of the Above' were offered as a 4th option.

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