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View Diary: Hillary Clinton, wrong choice for Secretary of State (159 comments)

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    She will be executing Obama's policy, not making policy.  If she creates mischief, she will be fired. An action that would mortally wound her political prospects for the future.

    She is well known around the world either in her own right or through her husband's connections.  Its always been 2 for the price of 1 with the Clinton's. I get that.  I think she will do fine at State.  It wasn't the position I would think of first for her but it seems to be a brilliant move on Obama's part.  She is in a visible position high in the Order of Succession (God forbid it should ever come to that) and she would have direct access to the President. She will be  hobnobbing with many world leaders and conveying the strength of the US Government abroad.  Thats pretty heady stuff.

    Obama gets a potential adversary out of position and as they say... "keep your friends close and enemies closer"

    --Country before party--

    by chipoliwog on Sun Nov 30, 2008 at 09:03:35 PM PST

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