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View Diary: Abolish the filibuster with 50 votes? Yes, we can (51 comments)

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    The threat to eliminate filibusters in the United States Senate is not part of the change we can believe in.  Rather, it is part of the same old Washington way of doing business, taken to the next level.

    The people spoke clearly in this election, articulating a vision and direction for our nation and our politics.  November 4 was a resounding vote on cloture, and politicians who would oppose the Obama agenda through tactics of distraction, obfuscation, and procedural obstruction will soon be cast aside.  

    We don't need to, and certainly don't want to, change the Senate rules just because we can.  That would be political disaster, IMHO.

    •  I don't think they will be cast aside (1+ / 0-)
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      I think if they use "tactics of distraction, obfuscationand procedural obstruction, they will be cast aside". I think if Obama does not get the job done the voters want care why. Voter have short memories.

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