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  •  The question is (2+ / 0-)
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    Horsefeathers, soysauce

    against who or what? "We" take action all the time, but it seems like much of the time it is directed very broadly, and not necessarily against those responsible.

    Example 1: Iraq.

    Always, we must think before we act.

    •  against only the terrorist camps in pok (4+ / 0-)

      pakistan occupied kashmir...not on anyother place..i agree this has to be done very carefully

      When u are born u cried and the world rejoiced live a life such that when u die u rejoice the life u lived and the world cries for ur loss

      by DEMindia on Mon Dec 01, 2008 at 11:17:59 PM PST

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        under the bodhi tree

        And one would hope that it could be done cooperatively, between foes and allies alike.

        More importantly, perhaps, there can be cooperation in addressing the creation of these people.

        Honestly, what alarms me is the loud beating of the war drums. It is understandable in part, but also illogical and short sighted.

        Peace. And condolences.

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