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    I had a boss who would say "going forward" 40 or 40 times a day. His next most favorite phrase involved "revisiting" things. Which could be defined as "going backward". So I suppose he could be said to have been making a slow forward progress. Most of his other speech would be unprintable, although maybe not here from what I've seen.

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      Besides the built in distrust of that term, it also just makes me cringe to hear it.

    •  Did you trust him or was he a slimy snake? n/t (0+ / 0-)
      •  Trust, mostly. Although not at first. (1+ / 0-)
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        ms badger

        He was a young PhD physicist, who brought in a bunch of younger ones. This was at one of the national labs. That part of the lab was transitioning from one main line of work into a more entrepreneurial outlook, and part of that was to turn the place into a "PhD farm" (which is commonly pronounced "fudd farm").

        I took the boss very seriously, and thus thought he had it in for me, until one of the younger PhDs told me I needed to put on my "Aumeier filter" whenever I talked to him. After that, I took his bombast and apparent absolutism more in stride. One funny thing, in those days if you typed his name in Word, the spell checker came back with "Ammeter".  It would also turn "Cowgill" into "Cowgirl", much to the dislike of both of them.

        After I retired, his little pond of a lab merged with a much bigger one, and all the former big fish shrank a couple of sizes. So he got something of a comeuppance in the end.

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