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  •  GOD I hate suck ups!!! (4.00)
    ..unless they are clearly called for, which, in this case, it obviously is. That's why I recommended this diary.

    I wonder if this site has saved anyone from suicide? Seriously.

    I am not a suicidal person (not terribly homicidal either, I guess).. but I was pretty depressed before discovering that there actually are a LARGE number of intelligent and normal people living on this planet, and SOME of them are even in my part of it.

    I wonder if this site has saved anyone from despair. Actually I don't wonder THAT at all, of course. I am a clear example. I was beginning to really dislike what I saw going on in America.

    True story: my first experience at political blogs occurred on freerepublic. I had googled for some essay that was critical of the Bush administration. The top hit on google took me to and the essay was there. I didn't read the comments following it which ridiculed the essay. I instead concluded wrongly that freerepublic was open to free thought.

    I guess I confused the concept of free and republic and thought of the "New Republic" magazines that used to sit on the coffee table when I was a kid growing up in Johnson County, Kansas (I am amazed my mom and dad put them there, come to think of it, since my dad was a public figure (a local minister), but I guess that's a different story). Anyway, so I created an account on the freeper site and asked about (oh NOW I remember) the "texans for truth" commercial. Just asked a question, and I didn't come out in support of the commercial at all.

    Guess what!?!? Yep, I got banned immediately with no comment, and no chance for appeal. Sounds right up their alley. I was amazed. I think I was still on their site, sulking and reading comments that lead me to the! I naturally figured that, if these pricks hated the so much, it had a good chance of being a decent place to check out. I don't subscribe to "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" schick, but I was worth a mouse click.

    So, not only should I be thanking Markos, but I also want to extend a hearty "Thank You" to the jerks over at for guiding me over here!

    This place has been a terrific find. My heart goes out to all of those folks still out there, going to work at conservative and close-minded offices, trying to deal with the "water cooler" talking points continually spewed and then echoed from FOX "news". I hope they find there way here soon.

    President Kerry President Kerry President Kerry

    by wunderwood on Sat Oct 30, 2004 at 04:43:56 PM PDT

    •  Yes. (none)
      I wonder if this site has saved anyone from suicide? Seriously.

      Yes. It has. At least one. Me.

      Well -- this site, Zoloft, the love of my husband and child, and an indefatigable commitment to doing something positive before I go.

      Clinical depression is a mysterious and insidious thing. I've had it since early childhood, spent time in psychiatric institutions, self-medicated with alcohol and drugs. It's difficult in the best of circumstances, but when George W. Bush and his cabal of criminals pulled off their coup, the depression was compounded. The fact that I have a beautiful little son was the only thing keeping me from killing myself, but even that might not have been enough had the depression been allowed to flourish unchecked. Fortunately, I have a slightly stronger will to live than I have to die, so I always manage to find a way back from the edge of the abyss.

      Daily Kos, I am convinced, has played an integral part in my recovery this year. I have never functioned so well for so long without a relapse. It is one thing to understand, intellectually, that one is not alone. But to have a place like this to visit regularly, where one can interact with kindred spirits and truly grasp in a visceral way that one is not alone -- that makes al the difference.

      Rage, rage, against the lying of the Right.

      by Maryscott OConnor on Sun Oct 31, 2004 at 08:06:56 AM PST

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