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View Diary: Dear Markos - A Tribute to You (Post your Thanks Here!) (276 comments)

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  •  C;mon everyone...some mojo for claude (none)
    That is an outstanding and inspiring post, claude!
    •  Thank you, peeder (4.00)
      That's the synergy of dKos; we all inspire each other.  

      The key dynamic of the sixties was the coming together of people, and in coming together, realizing how many of them there are, they are empowered.  DKos recreates that dynamic over the net, which wasn't around then, and it  took years for the energy level to grow to critical mass; this time around it took 18 months.  The speed at which stuff now moves, info, memes, ideas, is nothing short of phenomenal to those of us who used to crank mimeos. I have been priviledged to live in "interesting times" twice.  Thanks for making it more interesting.

      don't always believe what you think

      by claude on Sat Oct 30, 2004 at 10:34:24 PM PDT

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