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View Diary: Dear Markos - A Tribute to You (Post your Thanks Here!) (276 comments)

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    What I see in your site is hope for the future of democracy.  This has been the darkest time since the early 30's in Germany.  It has seemed that there is little hope of our democracy surviving the coup of 2000, but the power of what you have created (the best manifestation of the possibility of a community on the internet) is what gives me the most faith in our power to rescue our country.  I am constantly impressed by the thoughtfulness and knowledge of the contributions as well as by the immediacy of information.  The fact that this site is designed to involve everyone just blows me away.  I know I am just gushing here, but what you have created can change the world...for the better. This site has helped us all to feel like we are not alone and powerless against the darkness that has overtaken our country.  Thank you


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