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View Diary: Dear Markos - A Tribute to You (Post your Thanks Here!) (276 comments)

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  •  You have probably saved my sanity (for now) (none)
    All I can say is thank you, thank you!
    I was actually thinking of a similar thread earlier today, but I didn't have much computer time at all. Jeez, I'd love to meet most of you in person. (I don't do Trolls.)

    I thank you because when I found you, I didn't feel like I was spitting into the wind anymore.
    I thank you because when I hear FOX or any of the disgusting, lying pieces of crap who call themselves 'experts'or reporters and have wanted to throw something at my TV, you have brought my blood pressure down, some sanity to my actions and more laughs than I ever thought would be on a fairly serious site.

    So, not only huge thanks to KOS, but thanks to everyone else who has brightened my days when things look dark, calmed my nerves and made me laugh along with all of you.


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