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    Cali Techie

    They're primarily an anti-growth organization that focuses on transit-centered components. They're not universally bad, they just take a "my way or the highway" approach to transit development and they often oppose sensible transit if they fear it will promote 'suburbanization.' This may be nice in theory, but in practice it means that very few transit projects in the Bay Area will meet their standards. As a result, they waste a ton of money and energy on litigation that offers no solutions.

    They also want to implement "market based pricing" for transit systems. That's the death-knell for any public transit agency.

    Finally, they're anti-BART fundamentalists. While I agree with them that BART is a crappy system, it's the system that we're stuck with and it's something that we ought to make even more workable, not tear down in a quixotic quest for the perfect world.

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