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  •  Nice analysis. My thoughts (2+ / 0-)
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    norm, RunawayRose

    CA: I think Boxer will be okay, even if Arnold runs.
    HI: I think Inouye runs. In 2006, during the Dem primary, where he supported Sen Akaka, I thought he said something like, "If Daniel Akaka is too old to run in 2006, then I'm too old to run in 2010."
    IL: Yeah, I think we'll be okay. I hope the governor picks Tammy Duckworth. On a side note, I just dont see how Blago survives the primary, I think Lisa Madigan is probably the Dem nominee for governor in 2010.
    LA: I cant believe Vitter is going to win re-election, but he will. I wonder if Caldwell or Landrieu are holding out hope that Jindal might be vulnerable for re-election in 2011(since LA has some big budget problems), and that would be an easier race.

    •  having lived in both California and Illinois (3+ / 0-)
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      norm, RunawayRose, jj32

      I think you are dead-on about both Boxer and Blago. Boxer will be fine (though the Orange County GOP set will continue to loathe her), and Madigan is odds-on for the governor's mansion right now -- at least, that's the conventional wisdom in Chicago.

      The Republican Party is neither pro-republic nor pro-party. Discuss!

      by Nathaniel Ament Stone on Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 12:28:52 PM PST

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