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View Diary: GOP Hides Behind Children to Disenfranchise AZ Voters (3 comments)

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  •  I knew Tom Horne, Tom Horne was (none)
    a friend of mine, going way back ..  we are, after all, hs classmates (Mamaroneck NY, 1963).

    Tom stated out as a centrist to moderate Democrat.

    Somewhere duirng the Reagan years he seemed to have slipped over to the dark side.  I remember having dinner with him, his kids and his wife Marty here in DC when he was in town for the American Trial Lawyers' Association.  This was back in the days when Regan was wraning that if we didn't stop the Sandinistas in Nicaragua they would be coming acorss the border in harlingen Texas.  And here was Tom asking me how real I thought the threat was!!!  This from a guy who graduated from Harvard and Harvard Law.

    I saw him a year ago at our 40th reunion.  On the surfacde he seemed reasonable, and in general the reunion avoided politics, although it was interesting to reminisce about the American Legion oratiorical contest our junior year.  The 3 winners were Tom, me, and a guy named Royal Massett [who went to Princeton  -- I went to Haverford] who is a long-time political consultant in Texas who can't stand Rove and who told em some trash about Karl.

    Tomn at one point hoped to run for Congress from PHoenix as a Democrat  -  in those days he was on a school board.    Despite the clean election law in AZ, TRom opted out, spending a large amount of his own money [he was a very successful trial attorney].  I will offer him one positive comment  -- he was originally being suppoted by Ron Unz but when Unz made some clearly racist comments Horne rejecgted his support {and I believe returned his money}.

    Quite frankly, while he is not a total right-wing nut, Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader is not a bad parallel.  At this point I think he is using his position in education to try to advance his political career, which is now totally tied to the republican agenda.  My guess is that he hopes to succeed McCain  --  I don't think he is dumb enough to run against Janet Napolitano.  And his political ambition has never waned in the almost 50 years I have known him.

    Those that can, do. Those that can do more, TEACH!

    by teacherken on Sat Oct 30, 2004 at 05:44:36 PM PDT

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