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    Points taken, this is a very difficult problem to solve.
    One thing to consider, is: is it necessary that these all be in the Federal District?

    Can the VP residence be moved closer, and can the observatory and park and zoo be federal areas within Maryland, the way so many places are in all states already?

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      Our District is littered with embassies, government buildings, museums, parks and lots more.  In addition, Northern Virginia also has tons of Federal agencies - the CIA and Pentagon are just the two most famous.  Ironically, the district used to be a square - we straddled the Potomac at one tim - but Virginia took their land back - but if you drew lines to complete the square, you'd have the original boundaries of the district.  There is tons of parkland on their side too.  In any case, relocation is not the solution.  In reality, taking back our original geography makes more sense.

      Not for nothin' a lot of Federal operations are getting relocated to other states - and that is a financial windfall for those states - which was what they were trying to avoid when they established the neutral zone that was supposed to be the District of Columbia and the home of the Federal government.

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        It seems we have two distinct but intertwined issues here:

        1. Representation for D.C. residents
        1. Federal Districting (and related Constitutional requirements)

        My map was primarily addressing the first issue, and I'd hope the country would get around to solving that as fast as possible, (it's been long enough).  The other issue is larger in scope and much messier due to varied interests.

        If I were king for a day, I guess I would just grant statehood to DC and they would get to cede the land back to the federal government as needed, rather than the other way around.

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