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    Guys (figuratively), the "manning up" he's talking about refers to the fluttery panic that shows up in the diaries when a new poll comes out or something like the OBL tape appears.  There's a spate of nervous over-reaction, then some back and forth over "what this means".  That reaction is helped along by some trolls hoping to break our momentum and get us fighting among ourselves, which we as Democrats are prone to do.

    What DraconisRex is talking about is something I've been complaining about for years and is just now getting addressed.  We had too many people in the party who would only bring a butter knife to a gunfight; they forgot that politics is a contact sport, and that in contact sports you get dirty and bloody.  To some degree I think that it was because of a kind of inbred fastidiousness that we forgot how to fight like we wanted to win.  Maybe we were just tired.  Maybe it was because we'd won the really big fights that helped organize us (the New Deal, the Great Society) and when a party doesn't have some really large idea to give it focus and discipline it loses its way.

    Once we showed that we didn't know how to fight or weren't willing to fight fiercely and a little dirty, our natural constituency abandoned us.  Lower-middle-class and working poor whites flocked to the Republicans, when they should have stayed with us, because they thought we'd abandoned them in favor of this minority or that minority.  And they sure weren't tempted by us letting the other side paint us as a bunch of libertine hippie peaceniks who sewed the flag on their motorcycle seats.  If we'd showed the slightest ability or interest in fighting for them, we wouldn't have lost as badly as we did.

    "Man up"?  Yes, and it's way past time.  Let me put it more crudely:

    Suck up your balls and quit panicking or getting gloomy over every wiggle in a tracking poll, or every shift of EV's on  If you can't do that, then maybe politics isn't your bag.

    Polls don't vote; voters vote.  If you have to make yourself nuts, take that energy out by calling or canvassing or driving people to the polls or picking up and hand-delivering absentee ballots.  Or write letters to the editors of as many papers as you can find in your area, and make them good ones that support Kerry as the candidate with the mix of personal valor, toughness, and intelligence needed to help us meet our challenges at home and abroad.

    Wouldn't it be great to have a President who did the right thing as the automatic choice instead of a grudging last resort?

    by DemInTampa on Sat Oct 30, 2004 at 08:39:35 PM PDT

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