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  •  Nope, (5+ / 0-)

    If somebody wished me a Merry Christmas and I replied "Religion is but myth..." that would be rude.  Still perfectly defensible under the first amendment, but rude.

    Of course that's not what we're not talking about, though.  

    We're talking about a religious display on public property.  If Christians get to use public property to push their agenda, so do we.  I can't believe that you think that just because the atheists have the gall to suggest that religion may be a myth that their equal protection under the law should be denied.

    •  First amendment aside, (0+ / 0-)

      since the first is no more defense for you than it is for O'Reilly:  Assertiong that the  proper response to a religious display is to be offensive and insuling to the peoople who put it up is a non-starter with me, although I'm sure that O'Reilly would be thrilled to give you an entire half hour to expound on your theories of civil discourse.

      A plague on both your houses.

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