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View Diary: Anti-Gay Rights Initiatives, Mormons and Mormon Church (LDS) Activism: A Historical Perspective (40 comments)

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  •  Likewise as I Commented Elsewhere About (3+ / 0-)

    the article in other threads, but not above, Mormon women were originally FOR the ERA (by polls) and when efforts were made to repeal laws as what was written in Idaho's Constitution (as mentioned above), many Mormons in fact were suffragists and were a big impact to the first states that gave women the right to vote in the Western/Mountain states.

    Something happened with the leadership and the respect to Authoritarian structures where believers feel they must follow what their leaders say--only then Mormon women, whose grandmothers were suffragists in a way, did their duty to repeal the threat to gender roles by defeating the ERA.

    It appears that's also what happened here, and as SallyCat has pointed out, it is not just their "activism," but their dollars.  Just like back then, the funding drive to defeat the ERA was very much tied to the Mormon Church than it is regarding Prop. 8.  So once again, this Yes on 8 phenomenon is not out of a vacuum. There is a clear history that has happened that the No on 8 people should have paid attention to, and taken seriously.

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