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  •  Cannabis Shmannabis (4+ / 0-)

    If you wiki 'cannibis' you will find:

    As of 2007, most taxonomy web sites continue to list Cannabis as a single species


    Breeders, seed companies, and cultivators of drug type Cannabis often describe the ancestry or gross phenotypic characteristics of cultivars by categorizing them as "pure indica," "mostly indica," "indica/sativa," "mostly sativa", or "pure sativa."

    Yes, there is controversy over phenotypes, but both strains (or species) produce the same cannabinoids, just in different amounts, and they interbreed.

    Legend has it that the first Northern California Skunk was a cross between ten females grown from Maui Wowie and a single male from a seed that somehow found its way to Marin in a pound of Afghani hash.

    As for driving and pot.  A joint strong as eight beers on an empty stomach?  Perhaps you are unusually sensitive to THC.  Most folks aren't that strongly effected.  I have yet to hear how many j's it takes before you start weaving down the street, and the idea of a pot head having road rage is just silly.  Lack of sleep impairs driving.  Talking on a cell phone rates your ability with being legally drunk.  Of course pot will affect your driving, but nobody who makes this claim will tell you how much.

    As for the importance of this diary?   Isn't that for us as individuals to decide?  If billions of dollars and thousands of lives, the fact that ten percent of the entire nation if not the world are criminalized due to antiquated laws that were established by congress based on racial prejudices without debate and less than thirty minutes of consideration on the floor is not something you find worth talking about.  That's okay by me.

    •  PS (0+ / 0-)

      I checked out the questions on and agree with gshenaut (whose comment is next).  They are stupid.  Polls like this don't advance things much.  Perhaps the reason there were so many votes for this is simply because there are a lot more smokers than we think.

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