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  •  Working the school district here in El Paso (3+ / 0-)
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    I've seen a lot of kids coping with parents who are deployed overseas. These kids are paying a huge price for these wars. Stories like this do seem sweet, but the behavioral and social problems I've encountered are far more common, and not nearly as PR-friendly.

    My first job with the district here was an extended substitute position for a high school behavioral intervention class. It was one of the high schools near Fort Bliss, so I had military kids in my class. One of the students in my class was a very bright but very troubled 15-year-old boy whose father had just come back from Iraq. Part of this boy's problems was he acted out toward female authority figures. While he father was deployed, he was being cared for by his mother and his aunt, and he took his anger out on them. Then this extended to taking that anger out of his female teachers. When I began working with him, however, his father was back, and for a few weeks, I made a lot of progress with him, getting him caught up in classwork and helping him manage his behavior better. We had hoped to have him mainstreamed back into regular classes when his father found out he would be going back to Iraq sooner then he had expected. The effect on the boy's behavior was overnight. The bright, amiable and handsome boy I had knew the preceding weeks was gone and replaced by a boy whose face was strained and darkened by anxiety and anger. He became belligerent and uncooperative with me, and his behavior toward his classmates, even those he consider friends, became petty, mean and vindictive. His mood became wildly unpredictable - he'd be laughing and joking one minutes, and in a blind rage the next. He ended up being pulled out of my class and put into extended in-school detention, because of his aggressive behavior toward my aide (who was female) and to other students.

    And that's just one story I could tell you. Kind of makes you wonder how all these "pro-family" Republicans who want our troops to stay until they "finish the job" over there can sleep at night.

    "Your world's no wider than your hatred of his" - Elliott Smith

    by croyal on Sun Dec 07, 2008 at 12:11:34 AM PST

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