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View Diary: Campbell Brown's WEAK SAUCE (80 comments)

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  •  Why did he specify that one should look at (0+ / 0-)

    the statements that he made *"outside"* of the campaign?  Why did his whole answer hinge on those statements?  It's because the statements made inside the campaign tell a different story -- the story that gives rise to the questions about whether his views of Hillary have changed.  And -- he didn't want to talk about that.

    He is not saying that there "was no evolution" to be perceived; he was saying that there "was no evolution" /outside of statements he (and she, even more so) had made during the campaign, and suggested that that's where people should look for evidence.

    I'm glad he gave that answer.  He had every right to give that answer.  But I am not going to destroy the part of my brain that lets me understand that that answer is somewhat disingenuous just because it is convenient to Obama that I do so.  I suggest that others who want to maintain their own intellectual honesty follow suit.

    •  So let me get this straight (1+ / 0-)
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      He answered the question that was asked.  But he was wrong because he didn't answer the question that wasn't asked?  

      the story that gives rise to the questions about whether his views of Hillary have changed.

      Obama was never asked whether or not his views changed.  He was asked to talk about the evolution as if it was a known fact that his views evolved. Now you can climb on your high horse all you want to about how YOU would have wanted him to answer a question that he wasn't aaked, it still won't change the fact that he actually answered the question that WAS asked.  Now if there was a follow up question that asked say if he had been serious about his criticisms of Hillary during the primary, then maybe you would have a leg to stand on, as it is however the guy asked Obama to talk about an evolution.  Obama answered the question he was actually asked fully and perfectly, period.  Blame the reporter for not asking a more precise question but if there is anything that is  intellectually dishonest its in trying to find a way to explain that Campbell Brown was right for editing Obama's answer out of her video and then intentionally lying in her characterization of how the full exchange went.

      •  "How have your views evolved?" (0+ / 0-)

        "They haven't, actually; they've stayed completely the same."

        That's a perfectly good answer, if true.  Maybe even if not true.  The problem is that it's open to refutation.

        The assumption you think was made was not made; I'm not sure what of your comment doesn't rest on that assumption, so I'm not sure what's left to rebut.

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