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  •  I hear you (none)
    and that about qualifying that point, it wasn't meant to be a broad generalization, and I definitely wasn't even trying to make the point that Hispanics who are registered to vote aren't perfectly proficient in English--I meant it more along the lines that may be more likely to possibly get a parent, or a child, or a relative, on the phone, who, for whatever reasons, didn't respond to an English-speaking pollster--I think that would be particularly true of the robo-calls. I'm not Hispanic myself, and certainly meant no offense--I think the same would apply to any rapidly increasing group of voters or potential voters amongst which English may not be the primary language. The situation I often observe here outside of NYC is what I described above--basically all of the folks who are going to vote that I've encountered speak excellent English, and most of them are entirely English speaking (at least at the office), but many have a non-English speaker in the household.

    Sorry for any confusion.

    •  now that I know you are near NYC (none)
      I have no doubt you understand what I was talking about.  Thanks for responding.  After all the panic here at Kos earlier today based on the OBL tape (doesn't help Bush...) it was good to end the night on a good note, by reading this diary and remembering that Kerry is still doing very well.

      John Kerry: strong leadership that can calm the waters of a troubled world.

      by diplomatic on Sat Oct 30, 2004 at 12:09:30 AM PDT

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