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  •  about the Libs in Tx (none)
    Just for the record, I voted for the Libs on the ballot in opposition to the Reps that were on the ticket.

    I understand that the Libs will probably not win but the point I was making is that there are votes against the reps... Just as my vote for Kerry won't turn Texas blue, but helps show my opposition to Bush.

    One thing I noticed, sadly, on my ballot was that for judges in my area there were no Dems running against the Reps. Very disappointing in this insanely conservative area.

    •  Your vote won't turn Texas blue, (none)
      but it will show up in the popular vote, which is just as important, as far as justifying the EV vote for Kerry. Afterall, we all know how we felt last time with Gore REALLY winning the election, especially the popular vote. It's important for Kerry to win both.

      As kos said in the diary on the front page:

      There are two battles being fought Tuesday. The battle for the electoral vote -- which will decide the next president, and the battle for the popular vote -- which will confer legitimacy on the victor.
      And a lot of the popular vote will come from all of us in the red states that really wish our state would go blue!

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