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View Diary: Second-to-Last Electoral College Analysis (171 comments)

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  •  I think Florida is out (3.50)
    With all the problems in Florida, I just can't imagine it not going to Bush.  Even if it was 5-to-1 voter turnoutin favor of Kerry (I'm thinking it will actually be about 3-to-2) the current officials there -- including brother Jeb -- will do whatever is necessary to give W the 27 electoral votes.  I know that sounds awfully pessimistic of me, but things are just too corrupt down there, and all of the voting "problems" currently being reported work in favor of Bush.  I can't imagine what isn't being reported.  The good thing is that with your analysis, Florida is still not enough to give W the win.  But let's make sure we GOTV to make sure that the Kerry win happens.

    By the way, Floridians, I hope my analysis is wrong, so just in case, keep working to GOTV!

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