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View Diary: AP Reports Hilda Solis for Labor Sec. (223 comments)

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  •  Sounds good, but that raises the question... (4+ / 0-)
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    lysias, Wufacta, TomP, Anarchofascist

    ...of what's going to happen to Michigan Governer Jennifer Granholm now?

    She's term-limited in 2010, and was speculated at various times for a) Attorney General (she's the former AG of Michigan); b) Energy Secretary (she's very big on wind/solar); c) Transportation Secretary (Michigan/autos, of course); or d) Labor Secretary (UAW, after all). Plus, she appeared alongside Obama at his first couple of Economic press conferences.

    Now it looks like she's out for any of those. I'm sure Obama wants her for something appropriate. The only thing I can imagine is that a) she wants to finish up her term or b) he's holding off because he wants her for...SCOTUS!

    Could be both, actually. Obama might have already had private discussions with Ginsberg or Stevens about waiting to retire until he has everyone else safely seated, since a SCOTUS nomination process tends to overwhelm everything else.

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